Couples Counseling

Is Your Relationship or Marriage in Trouble?

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have developed a specialty working with couples both married and unmarried. I utilize an evidenced based approach in couple’s therapy where my clients leave feeling informed, understood, and empowered to make the necessary changes for a successful and fulfilling relationship. There may be signs that your relationship or marriage is in trouble and they include but are not limited to: negative or minimal communication, persistently feeling targeted or criticized by partner, spending less time together, fewer fun moments, lack of physical intimacy, feeling less connected, increased severity or frequency of conflict, using humor at the other person’s expense and feelings of resentment.

I utilize a unique model for couples therapy called the Gottman Method. The Gottman method is an evidenced based approach to couples therapy that has been proven to work! Using this approach, I work with couples to enhance friendship, respect, communication, intimacy and understanding. This has contributed many couples achieving their desired outcomes in their relationships.


What to Expect From Couples Therapy

All relationships can present with problems. When problems don’t seem to be improving or if they are getting worse, couples therapy is a great option. When going to couples therapy, you are showing your partner that the relationship as a priority to you and that you are open to change and investing in the relationship. Clients often fear being judged and being labeled as “the problem one”. Many people in relationships have gotten used to feeling unheard, misunderstood, disconnected, and angry and shut down.

I work very hard to create a warm, friendly and judgement-free environment where both partners feel heard, validated and understood. I take into account each person’s story and perspective. Couples therapy is a safe space for exploring interactional patterns and replacing negative interactions with positive interactions. Couples therapy is a setting to gain more understanding and enhance conflict management and communication skills. Couples can expect to discuss positive and negative aspects of the relationship and how certain interactions lead to unwanted outcomes. With me, couples share their experiences that elicit certain feelings and tools are given for enhanced communication, conflict management, respect, friendship and intimacy.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a platform for unmarried or engaged couples to discover principles of premarital education, relationship maintenance, and evidenced-based marriage education. Premarital counseling helps partners improve communication, set realistic boundaries and utilize conflict management and resolution skills.  Premarital therapy is a productive approach to relationship education.


Reconnect With Your Partner

Jackie Schwartz - The Love Expert

Lack of connection with your partner can feel lonely, painful, and defeating. Connection and acceptance from your partner is so important and all people need it. Feeling disconnected can result from increased conflict, criticisms, and defensiveness. This can result in increased withdrawal and intervention is needed. Thankfully, there are a variety of methods to enhance and improve connection within a relationship.