Improving Self-Esteem

Do You Wish You Loved Yourself More?

Many people have low self-esteem, constantly doubt themselves or abilities, or treat themselves worse than they treat others. Self-esteem is one’s perspective on self-worth. Self-esteem plays a role in the outcomes we experience in life. These outcomes include academia, relationship satisfaction, and overall happiness. Self-esteem predicts our self-talk and the thoughts that we have about ourselves. The thoughts that we have about ourselves elicit either positive or negative feelings that shape the way we behave, thereby experiencing positive or negative outcomes in life. If you are struggling with low self-esteem, you will likely have negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings that lead to negative behaviors and outcomes. This is how life goals go unmet and the cycle of low self-esteem and negative thinking. Fortunately this can be prevented by thought work and neutralizing negative and limiting beliefs about one’s self.

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How Therapy Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Learning how to have more positive self-talk can take practice if it doesn’t come naturally. Some of us instinctively are more negative or pessimistic than others. However, we can learn to restructure or shift our thoughts from negative to more positive. With practice, our brains can develop a new normal where negative thoughts are replaced by neutral or positive thoughts.

It is possible for a new self-talk dialogue to begin! In therapy, I explore your thoughts with you to determine if your negative thoughts are even real. Most of the time, the self-doubt and feelings of little self-worth are not based in reality. I work with you to help you understand where these thoughts originate and whether or not your thoughts are helping or hindering you in life. If you live in Florida, I also offer online therapy.

Learn to Love Yourself

It is my experience that after working with me, people feel more hopeful and optimistic about themselves and their potential while experiencing more self-love and positivity. After working with me, you will be able to have a negative thought and not being held captive by it. Negative thoughts are so easy to believe but by working with me, these thoughts become less convincing and a brighter future becomes more visible. Everyone deserves to love themselves as they are.