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How Discernment Counseling Can Help Couples

*This blog post on discernment counseling was originally written and posted for Bayview Therapy. Read the full article here.


What is discernment counseling?

Discernment counseling takes place over 1-5 sessions for helping couples who have mixed agendas. Typically one partner is leaning out of the relationship and is hesitant to work on it in therapy, while the other partner wants to stay in and repair the relationship. Studies suggest that as many as 30% of couples who go to couples counseling fall into the mixed agenda category. These couples present a significant challenge for therapists because most models of couples therapy assume both parties have a baseline willingness to save the relationship. The goal of discernment counseling is to achieve greater clarity and confidence in the couple’s decision-making about the future of their relationship. Discernment counseling is like going to the emergency room versus traditional couples counseling is like preventative care from a primary physician.

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