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How to Communicate Proactively in Your Relationship

*This blog post on how to communicate proactively with your partner was originally written and posted for Bayview Therapy. Read the full article here.

What does proactive communication mean?

Communication is key in any healthy relationship. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise in your relationship or for something to go wrong to start a conversation, establish an open channel of communication. This includes active listening, expressing yourself and your needs, and encouraging your partner to express themselves. This fosters an environment where both of you feel heard and respected, leading to less drama!


There are three ways to communicate proactively in your relationship:

1. Establish Clear Boundaries

2. Listen Actively

3. Ask Questions & Encourage Open Dialogue

Click here to learn more about how to establish proactive communication. This will help you have more meaningful conversations and lead to a more positive, loving relationship where you can overcome future disagreements in a healthy way.


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